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Department of Brahui


    1.  Introduction

    1.1.       Brahui language has special significance, because it is not only spoken in a major part of Balochistan but  also in Sindh. Desides it is also spoken in the Eastern Parts of Iran, as well as in Afghanistan, Central Asia, and Gulf. Brahui Language is also the custodian of Brahui folklore  in  its  un-adulterated  form. 

    1.2.       Brahui is one of the oldest language of the world. Mehr Garh and Mohan Jo Darho, are the oldest civilizations where Brahui was  probably spoken before the arrival Aryan of the subcontinent. 

    1.3.       In early days of 1985, The Brahui as a “subject” was taught  in Pakistan Study. It was separated as a full-fldged Department in the year of 1992.

    2.       Objectives

    2.1.       To produce post-graduate professionals in Brahui literature, culture and language, capable of functioning at National/International levels. 

    2.2.       To revive ancient Brahui folklore, poetry &  literature through teaching and research 

    2.3.       To foster conducive academic environment allowing research and intellectual freedom.

    2.4        To assist organization, institutions, Government Department for Devising and implementing mother-toung based education system for Brahui speakers.

    3.       Vocational Job opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

    3.1.        Education/ research institutes in Public/ Private Institutions,

    3.2.        Electronic and Print Media. 

    3.3.        interpreter/ Translator in Public offices.

    3.4.        Archeology and History in lok versa

    3.5.        Literarily/ Cultural institutions



1st Departmental Board of Studies meeting of Brahui Department.

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براہوئی جدید شاعری

براہوئی جدید شاعری (PDF)

براہوئی پوْسکنا شاعری


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