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Gender and Development Studies


Gender and Development Studies aims at creating gender awareness and recognizing women’s lived experiences and ambitions by placing them at the centre of social inquiry. It seeks social justice for the marginalized sections of the society and advocates for their human rights. Students in Gender Studies are expected to engage in the production of knowledge that emerges from feminist critique of social, cultural and institutional structures that promote patriarchy and disempower women and other genders. It comprehends that the global and transnational understanding of women’s situation is essential to promote interconnections between women at all levels. It considers that development in Pakistan would occur in general and particularly for women when all genders are mobilized in the change-making effort. It includes women’s contributions to knowledge in various fields, society’s approaches and efforts towards understanding the status of women and strategies for empowering them. It highlights both the need for specialized academic degree awarding studies in gender and development, and the integration of gender analysis and mainstreaming gender in University of Balochistan’s other fields of study.


   Critically analyze the social construction of gender and apply this understanding to deconstruct gender inequality and patriarchy;

·         Create an academic culture valuing the experiences and contributions of women by exploring and documenting women’s historic roles;

·         Build a body of knowledge based on invisible or undiscovered lives of women;

·         Promote women’s human rights through sensitizing and engaging men;

·         Strengthen students’ ability to critique traditional theories and methods of knowledge by applying feminist concepts and Gender Studies Scholarship;

·         Create strategies for empowering women in their struggle against inequality and oppression and for effective participation in all areas of society and development.

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