Hussan Ara Magsi.

Father’s name: Ali Nawaz Magsi.

Phone. No. 092-81-442173.

Cell no. O92-321- 8025141.

Qualification: M.A (Political Science), L.L.B, B.F. M.Phil.

Blood group: O positive.


1-     Served as a lecturer (B-17) in Quinry Girls College Quetta for the period of one and half years.

2-     Served as lecturer (G-18) in the department of political science in the University of Balochistan for the period of six and half years.

3-     Served as a part time teacher in Gender Development Studies Department for the period of four years and taught the subjects of Women and Politics, Feminist movement in Subcontinent and Women and Law.

4-     Served as part time teacher for the period of two years in B.COM and taught the subjects of Pakistan Studies.

5-     Served as part time teacher and taught the subjects of Foreign Policy of Pakistan, Political System of Pakistan and History of Balochistan.

6-     Served as part time teacher and taught the subject of International Organization for the period of three months in International relations department.

7-     Served as visiting professor to the C.S.S and PCS candidates in Maxwell Academy, Quetta, Pakistan.

8-     Served as Chairman of the Department of Political Science ,University of Balochistan for the period of one week .


1-     Presented the paper under the title “ The socio-political status of women in Pakistan” on International Women’s Day in University of Balochistan.

2-     Presented the paper under the title “ Anti-Corruption “on International anti –corruption day.

3-     Presented paper under the title of “ Family Ties in American immigration “ in an International Conference conducted in Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan.

4-     Presented the paper under the title “ Corruption in Education “ on anti-corruptions day conducted by National Accountability Bureau at Quetta, Pakistan.



1-    A series of workshops conducted by ASR, Lahore in 2005-2006 to improve the curricula of Women Studies of all the Universities of Pakistan.

2-    A two days workshop conducted by HEC on 8-10August 2008 on curriculum development, at Islamabad, Pakistan.

3-    A two workshop conducted by HEC on 21-23 October 2008 on research proposal.

4-    A two workshop conducted by HEC on 21-23 August 2008 on International GRE.

5-    A one week workshop on fashion designing conducted by Pearl Institution on 15-24 January 2008.

6-    A two week workshop conducted by IRA (International Research Association) on curriculum development on 2-20December 2008.

7-    A workshop was conducted on sustainable habitat solution under the title “ Save Earth Design “ 0n 24th-31st July 2004 at Idara-e-Saqafat Balochistan, Quetta, Pakistan.

8-    A workshop on “ Information Handling Techniques “ organized by PASTIC (Pakistan Scientific and Technological Information Center) on 16-19June 2003, Quetta, Pakistan.

9-    A seminar conducted on Iqbaliat organized by the department of political science of 5April, 2008 at University of Balochistan, Quetta.

10-                       A seminar was conducted on Maulana Jalal-ud-din Rumi organized by Islamiat Department at University of Balochistan, Quetta.

11-A two days workshop conducted by Aurat Foundation on 22-23June on Budget analysis at Islamabad, Pakistan.

11-                       A two weeks workshop on candle making in institution of Pearl, Quetta from 10-25January 2009.

12-                       A one-day workshop on “Extremism and Fundamentalism “ conducted by Quiluim at Karachi on 21thApril, 2009.

13-                       A three-days workshop on “Research Methodology “ in April ,2009,at the campus of University of Balochistan .




1-Aurat Foundation Pakistan.

2- CLEA (Commonwealth Law Association).

3- Pakistan writers Guild.

4-Legislative Watch Group.

5-Women Violence Watch Group.


I got first position on open merit in college lectureship held by Balochistan Public Service Commission, Pakistan .

I got gold medal in masters.

I got first position in Essay –writing competition under the title “ The views of Imam Khomenie on Palestinian Issue “ held by Persian Cultural Center of Iranat Quetta, Pakistan.                                                                             


As keynote speaker in the dialogue “media runs the people, people runs the media.”

As a jury in debate competition in naval academy Karachi.

As a jury in debate competition conducted in Bright coaching academy.


1-     Short Course on Human Rights at Bangladesh.

2-     Computer Course in IT (Information Technology).

3-     The short course on calligraphy from Khana-e- farhang Iran.’

4-     Short courses about basic Quranic and Hadith conducted in 2002.


1-     Faculty Professional Development Training.

2-     Faculty Development Training at HEC, Islamabad.

3-     Master trainer’s programme with the institution of CHIP.


1-     Drama writer and written enormous dramas for radio.

2-     I served as an anchorperson in different TV and radio programmes.

3-     I recorded multiple talks and programmes on social, economic and political issues on TV and radio.

4-     I made titles of three books as an artist.

5-     I won prizes in floral arrangement competition.

6-     I got the civil defence training .


1-     Art and Music in Persia.

2-     The socio-political status of women in Pakistan.

3-     The role of WTO in developing countries.

4-     Anti corruption.

5-     Family ties issues in American immigration.

6-     FolkartofBalochistan.

7-     Corruption in Education.


Languages        Speak           Read                 Write 

1- English         Good             Good                Good

 2- Urdu            Good             Good                 Good

 3- Sindhi           Good             Good                Good

4-     Balochi          Good             Good                Good



I basically belong from the tribal and backward area of Balochistan.In our area the many females are illiterate due to the prevalent socio-cultural norms of the society. The tribal customs are very strict and responsible to suppress the women.



I had always tried to establish a very good &brilliant career at every level of my study. The education had always remained the top priority of my life. I always believe in multi-disciplinary approach and tried to acquire knowledge in different subjects.

     I did my M.Phil research work under the topic “Socio-political status of women in Pakistan and Iran: comparative study “, which is of immense value and significance, and I had selected the topic of Ph.D”The role of women Prime Ministers of the world “, and basically I want to become the gender specialist in future. The gender issues and women empowerment are getting the tremendous popularity all over the world.

     I had written different research articles upon the various issues e.gArt and Music in Persia, Folk Art of Balochistan, The compatibility between Science and Religion and Socio-political Status of women in Pakistan. I want to highly indulge my self in research and want to produce enormous research articles.

          I am basically adventurous by nature, and curious to study about various cultures. By getting the chance to pursue study at Australia, I will be able to indulge in comparative cultural study and I will also learn about the cultural behavior of new area.