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1.       Introduction

1.1.       Political Science deals with the forces which govern states policies. It studies nation-states political ideas and constitutional systems and world at large in a historic perspective that makes the world. It helps to understand the world and plans for future policies of nation-states. 

1.2.        Dr. S. Riaz Ahmed as the first Chairman established the Department of Political Science in 1974 . The Department of Political Science conducts M.A., M. Phil and Ph.D. program and stands among the highly productive departments of the University. 

1.3.        The program of studies in Political Science is both an intellectual and community resource.  Admissions to the courses are on competitive basis.

2.       Objectives

2.1.       To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Political Science to meet the future needs of educational institutes or industries.

 2.2.       To prepare researchers to meet the needs of industry, research organizations, science and technology. 

2.3.       To create analytical awareness of the Political System of Pakistan with a view to develop patriotism, national integration and perceptions of good governance.

 2.4.       To promote and enhance the self employment through entrepreneurship.

3.       Vocational Job Opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

3.1.        Federal/Provincial Civil Services

3.2.        Public Relations Officer 

3.3.        The Management Positions

3.4.        Educational /Research Organizations.

3.5.        Self employment by Entrepreneurship







Dues / Fee Vouchers

Degree Status

Registration / Migration






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