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Department of Balochi


    1.  Introduction

    1.1.       Balochi language is over a thousand years old, which is spoken in Southern and Middle parts of Pakistan as well in Eastern Iran and Southern Afghanistan. It has rich folklore literature, poetry and historic heritage.


    1.2.       The teaching of Balochi Language and literature was started as a subject in Pakistan Study Center, in 1985. Balochi Department was raised in 1992, Mir Aqil Khan Mengal (Late) was the first Chairman.

    2.       Objectives

    2.1.       To provide qualified and focused professionals in Balochi literature to meet national/ International needs.


    2.2.        To teach ancient Balochi folklore, poetry, literature through research.


    2.3.       To foster a conducive environment which promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.

  1. 3.     Vocational Job opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

    3.1.        Education/ Research

    3.2.        Electronic and Print Media.

    3.3.        Interpreter/ Translator in Public / Private sector.

    3.4.        Archeology and history in lok versa.

    3.5.        Cultural institutes.





Dues / Fee Vouchers

Degree Status

Registration / Migration






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