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Department Of Commerce


Department of Commerce , University of Balochistan is one of the oldest Department of University.  The  Department was established in 1973 as undergraduate  Department .It is presently one  to  the  largest  department  of  the  University  of Balochistan, Quetta with respect to the number of students enrolled in the courses offered  by  the  department and the number of courses taught in the department. In view of better  job  opportunities  for Commerce graduates,  a  graduate  course  was  also  initiated leading to master degree in Commerce  . Currently a two year graduate course leading to the degree of M.Com .

M. Phil and Ph. D programs are also offered by the department for only to those teachers who are in service.

New initiative Taken by the Department.

Department  has  started Bachelor and Master level Programs ( B. Com) on Self-Finance basis in the evening session. This  is  a  hope of  light  are  for those who cannot continue their education due to certain reasons in the morning and performing jobs in the morning . Therefore  ,  program  was  a  successful  launch  and  got  tremendous  appreciation

Objectives .

            The main objective of Commerce Department is to produce professional managers , accountant and businessman for the nation . the other objectives expected form M.Com students are follow:

            It possesses scientific knowledge and understanding of accounting , marketing human resource management financial management , Quantitative Techniques for business and also known socio-economic  Condition of the country.

            Students are also able to make plan for the development of industry and for the welfare of working people .

            The Students of Commerce today occupy key position both public and private sector.

            They are able to prove themselves as a good manager and have a creative and helpful attitude in problem solving.

            They are able to play leadership role or institute a mechanism that can targeted performance in terms of time, cost or some other measure of effectiveness from the plan.

            Students of Commerce possess a decision ability to face a various problems

            Students possess clear idea of their path of development where they stand and where they are going .

  They possess ability and power to develop new ideas and are able to implement these ideas.

Contact Information:

Department of Commerce, University of Balochistan, Quetta

Phone: +92-81-9211236, (Intercom: 1404, 1460, 1465)

Email: commerce@uob.edu.pk


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