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    1.  Introduction

    1.1.       The Department of Fine Arts deals with Painting, Drawing, Sculpture and Graphic Art as well as historical theories of human development through ages. 

    1.2.       The Department of Fine Arts was established in March 1984 with four faculty members Mr. Jamal Shah, Mrs. Faryal Ghouhar, Mr. Akram Dost and Mr. Kaleem Khan. Initially the department offered a certificate course.

     1.3.      In 1986 the certificate course was upgraded to four year full time Bachelor   degree course (BFA).

     1.4.       The Department of Fine Arts is playing very important role in introducing Balochistan’s heritage and its indigenous art, crafts and Architecture. Since the civilization of Maher Garh (9000 B.C) is a great source of inspiration for researchers and provide linkage with the other world of Art and Craft. The Department of Fine Arts is also providing facility to study in depth the cultural heritage of Balochistan.

    2.       Objectives

    2.1.        To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.

    2.2.        To produce Artists of caliber who can compete both at national and international levels.

    2.3.        To produce Art teachers/good researchers.

    2.4.        To produce skilled Book illustrators.

    2.5.        To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Fine Arts to meet the future needs of educational institutes or industry.

    3.    Vocational Job opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

    3.1.        Layout designer.

    3.2.        Free lance Artist.

    3.3.        Book illustrator.

    3.4.        Education and Research Institute.

    3.5.        Print and electronic Media.



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Degree Status

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