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Department of Geography was established in 1985 to cater formal education and research at post-graduate level. The subject examines the interlocking systems of the natural and human  environments; evaluates earth s potential to sustain Man s life; and assesses the available means and ways of exploiting that potential in a sustainable manner. A geographer s task is to understand relationships within society and between the society and space; and to forge new time-space relationships to make the world a better place to live in. Geography is a living subject. It offers techniques like Geographic Information System, Remote Sensing, and computer-based artography, which are worthwhile in detecting whatever changes occur in the environment naturally, and through human actions. Courses in geography are designed to provide understandings in climate, landforms, biodiversity, cultural heritage, economic activities, forms and patterns of human settlements, etc. In addition to providing an integrated outlook in all the elements of our environment in the first year of study, specialization is offered in the 2nd year in the fields of:

1. Applied Geomorphology
2. Area Planning

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