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The Department of Geology was one of those seven departments, which was established at the time of inauguration of the University of Balochistan in 1971. It is situated within the Science Faulty building of the University of Balochistan Campus. The department is very important because of being situated in an area, which has high prospects for geological research and improvement of economic mineral deposits, petroleum, groundwater and many other mineral resources.

During the initial years the department offered only M. Sc. courses. Later in 1976 B.Sc. (Honors) courses were also initiated, however, during 1992; the Academic Council abolished the B. Sc (Honors) program. The department of Geology was one of the largest departments in the Science Faculty until 1992. But due to the closure of B. Sc (Honors) Program the number of geology students decreased considerably. Next program during the year 2003 the H.E.C. announced to start B.S. 4-years classes in the universities. Rs. 26.983 million approved for starting B.S. 4-years classes in Geology Department. Classes of B.S. 4-years started in October 2004. Since than 60 students including new students have been enrolled. So far nearly 200 students have been graduated with B.Sc. (Hons) degree and over than 300 students were awarded the M. Sc. (Geology) degree. Most of these students are occupying key positions in various geological and non-geological organizations such as the Geological Survey of Pakistan (GSO), Water and Power Development Authority (WAPDA), Oil and Gas Development
Corporation (OGDC), various universities and numerous public sector development authorities like BDA, QDA, Public Health Engineering etc.

The Department of Geology maintains close coordination with the Geological Survey of Pakistan, (GSP) Centre of Excellence in Mineralogy, (CEM) University of Balochistan Quetta and other geological organizations and educational institutions. The department is a major feeding institution to the Center of Excellence in Mineralogy, where M. Phil and Ph.D. programs are offered. The students and staff of the department take advantage of CEM and GSP laboratories and libraries.

The department has a spacious building containing a seminar room, reference library with around 2,000 books, journals, and reports, a large museum, a thin-section preparing workshop and laboratories of geochemistry, petrology, Sedimentology and structural geology.

Contact Information:

Department of Geology, University of Balochistan, Quetta

Phone: +92-81-9211311, (Intercom: 1331, 1329)

Email: geology@uob.edu.pk





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