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Department of International Relations

            1.       Introduction

    1.1.        The Department of International Relations was established in 1984, and offering two years M.A. In International Relations.


    1.2.        With the advancement in technology distance has been shrinking and world has gradually become global village.


    1.3.        Geo-politics of the medieval ages which was arranged at military balance of power has now emerged as geo-economics influencing the socio-economic as well as political environment of every country.


    1.4.        Business and industry has crossed the traditional borders of nation states and multinational corporations are now challenging the sovereignty of states.


    1.5.        The power potential of nation is no more restricted to boundaries, it gets directly influence to regional and super powers.


    1.6.        Mainly these relations have given birth to the discipline of International Relations. No country in the contemporary time can afford to ignore it.


    1.7.        The study of International Relations therefore has assumed a remarkable significance.



    2.       Objectives


    2.1.        To provide qualified and focused professionals International Relations to meet the future needs of educational institutes & research organizations.


    2.2.        To provide educational program which encourage students to think creatively, constructively, and to communicate their ideas effectively.


    2.3.        To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research which encourage mutual tolerance and sensitivity.


    2.4.        To focus regional and international politics so that the graduates of international relations can comprehend to these scenarios.


    3.      Vocational Job Opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

    3.1.         Provincial and Federal Public Services.

    3.2.         Education/ research institutes at public and private sector.

    3.3.         Print and Electronic Media.





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