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Department of Islamic Studies


    1.  Introduction

    1.1.       The Subject of Islamic Studies mainly entails study of the Quran, Hadith, Fiqh, Islamic History, comparative study of religions and Arabic. It also includes special study of Seerat-u-Nabi, economic and political thought,  Muslim philosophy & Research Methodology. 

    1.2.       The department of Islamic Studies was established in 1973. Prof. Rashid Ahmed (Late) was the first chairman of the department. Due to shortage of space in the University Campus, Islamic Studies Department started functioning in Government Science College Quetta. In the Beginning classes used to be held in the evening with the support of part-time teachers. In 1980, Prof. Dr. Rashid Ahmed Jallandhury took the charge of the department as chairman. In 1981, the department was shifted to the University Campus.

    2.       Objectives

    2.1.       To provide qualified and focused professionals in Islamic studies to meet the future needs of educational institutes.  

    2.2.       To provide learning through in depth knowledge in the perspective of global changes and challenges. 

    2.3.       To focus on Islamic values pertaining to socio-political and economic teachings derived from the Quran and the Sunnah. 

    2.4.       To produce scholars of quality who can contribute in solving contemporary issues faced by the Muslims, like interfaith dialogue, interest free banking, State crafts and other contemporary challenges and to bridge the gap between islam and other religions by providing an understanding of Islam. 

    2.5.       To create an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.

    3.       Vocational Job opportunities / Marketability of Graduates

    3.1.        Jobs in Educational and research institutes in Pakistan and abroad.

    3.2.        Civil Service.

          3.3.       Jobs  such as Religious officers, Khatibs etc. in the Armed forces.

    4.       Performance of the Department

     4.1.       Since the establishment of Department More than 500 Students has been qualified In Master’s Degree beside thousands of private candidates. A good number of them are teaching in the universities and various colleges as professors, working in banks, Judiciary, Civil Service and Pakistan Armed Forces. The M.Phil/Ph.D Courses have been started in the Department.

     4.2.      M.Phil and Ph.D’s Figures are as under:-

     4.3.      The Faculty Members of Department have published more than 150 research papers in various National/International Journals and participated in various Conferences/Seminars. Some of them have also published books covering different aspects of Islamic Learning.



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