11th Convocation




Establishment of the University Of Balochistan synchronized with the emergence of Balochistan as a province of Pakistan. The University came into being, with the promulgation of the University Of Balochistan ordinance 1970. Located in developing region of a developing country, the University has a challenging frame of reference for its functioning. Balochistan is passing through a process of rapid socio-economic development which needs well qualified and competent lawyers, professionals, academicians and administrators. The University is cognizant of this need and prepared to provide meaningful higher education to the youth of province.

The University is committed to develop and sustain an environment conducive to excellence in learning, teaching, research and spread of knowledge. In keeping with the priorities of higher education the University offers its resources and talents for enrichment and enhancement of quality of life through its programmes of research.

1.     Objectives

1.1.  To promote high quality legal education in various subjects of Law.

1.2.  To produce Law Graduates who would not only become law abiding citizens but will respect and work for the growth of judicial system comprising the Bench and Bar in this Province.

1.3.  To enable Law Graduates not only to understand the perspective of rule of law but also adhere to its principles in all facets of their legal and professional careers.

1.4.  To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching, research and practicing law while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.

1.5.  To enable graduates with such knowledge skills and practical experience which would not only boost their career but will also provide them with plenty of opportunities in their competition driven legal field.

To provide qualified and focused legal professionals to meet the future needs of the market by enhancing their communicational, organizational and multi-tasking skills.