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       The Department of Mathematics started functioning in 1972 with a small number of students and only one regular staff member. In 1980, it emerged as a full fledged Department. The Department has now 16 staff members and is offering M. Sc, M. Phil and Ph. D in the fields of Pure and Applied Mathematics

Mathematics is the backbone of all disciplines. It has extensive applications in Physics; Engineering, Economics, Geography, Computer Science, Statistics; Social Science and many other fields. Mathematics is however also a subject in itself and fundamental research is a necessary condition for its many applications.   

Our aim in this department is

    To provide a variety of courses for students,

      To provide a source of qualified and focused professionals in the subject of 

        Mathematics to meet the future needs of educational institutes or Industry

      To prepare researchers to meet the needs of industry and research    

   organizations, Science and Technology.

      Having completed their course, students will have knowledge of such basic ideas 

        as rigorous argument, formal proof and the power of formulation and solution of

        problems, together with deeper ideas of Mathematics in which they have decided

        to specialize.

      The students of good mathematical ability will have developed their ability to work


 Vocational Job Opportunities/Marketability of Graduates

Banking, Scientific and technological institutes such as SUPARCO, Atomic Energy Commission, PASTIC, and Pakistan Science Foundation.

Teaching Jobs in Colleges and Universities





Dues / Fee Vouchers

Degree Status

Registration / Migration






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