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Persian Language is one of the most famous, sweet and renowned Literary Language in the world. This language has played an important roll in the world history as a communication language through out central Asia, Iran, Afghanistan and sub-continent for centuries. As an important asset of Muslim wisdom and Muslims literary stock, Persian has matchless position. In our region also Persian language and literature have been playing important roll as Persian has remained our official and court language for centuries while most of our scholars had been expressing their thoughts in Persian, poetry rather prose.

One other aspect that Balochistan is situated in such region having its two neighboring countries Iran and Afghanistan the Persian as their official language. In Quetta their mother tongue as Persian. Keeping in view the above facts and so much more.

The University of Balochistan decided to establish Persian department which was officially inaugurated in July 1992.

Contact Information:

Department of Persian, University of Balochistan, Quetta

Phone: +92-81--9211248, (Intercom: 1438, 1451)





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