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1.1.        Balochistan as a developing region of Pakistan has to solve not only problems of poverty, ignorance, disease and unemployment which have existed for ages, but also to deal with the problems which are arising out of modernization, urbanization, development and as a result of changing pattern of society. Professionally trained Social Workers in this respect have a significant role in accelerating and humanizing the processes of development especially in Balochistan  

1.2.        Recognizing the need for professionally trained Social Workers, Social Work education at post-graduate level was introduced in the University of Balochistan in March, 1974. The Department of Social Work since then has been conducting two year full-time professional education at training and leading programmes to M.A. in Social Work. 

1.3.        The Department of Social Work is a full member of the International Association of Schools of Social Work. (IASSW)



2.1.       Professional Social Worker will possess sufficient knowledge and understanding of the major social problems, socio-economic conditions and characteristics of Pakistan, particularly of Balochistan.


       2.2.They will have an adequate competence in Social Work practice and  will  be able to work in a range of settings, rural and urban, government or voluntary.


      2.3. Workers can participate effectively and play leading role in social welfare policy and planning at various levels.


      2.4. To foster an environment that promotes learning through quality teaching and research while encouraging mutual respect, tolerance and sensitivity.


      2.5. To provide qualified and focused professionals in the subject of Philosophy to meet the future needs of educational institutes or industry.


     2.6. To conduct researches to meet the needs of industry and research organizations.

3.Vocational Job Opportunities/Marketing of Graduates

Graduates will have opportunities in the following area:-

3.1.        Professional Social Workers will be able to practice, plan, organize, administer social welfare and will be able to undertake research in variety of GOs and NGOs social welfare settings. 

3.2.        They are able to interpret Social Work as a profession, and who have dynamic and helpful attitude in problem solving and can take in initiating appropriate social action and service. The opportunities are open on the following fields.

 3.3         Medical and Psychiatric Social Welfare Settings.

       3.4.        Rural Community Development Projects. 

 3.5.        Urban Community Development Projects. 

 3.6.        Family and Child Welfare Centers. 

 3.7.        Women Welfare Centers. 

 3.8.        Population Welfare Department. 

3.9.        Drug Abuse Prevention, Treatment and Rehabilitation Centers.

3.10.      Labor Welfare and Industrial Development Departments. 

3.11.      Welfare Centers for aged / senior citizens. 

3.12.      Educational Institutions.  

3.13.      Special Education programs 

3.14.     Social Welfare planning & policy development





Dues / Fee Vouchers

Degree Status

Registration / Migration






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