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Department of Sociology


    1.  Introduction

    1.1.       Sociology is known as the mother of Social Sciences. Sociology throughout the world promotes a well established management structure to effectively handle, analyze, cure and prescribe the issues while case the  social failure and it promotes, develops coordinates and implements societal initiatives and programs. A sociologist has the primary and basic aim to build up knowledge about society and its related issues. 

    1.2.       The department of sociology was established in 1973 and the first annual examination was held in 1975. Mr. Javed Iqbal Syed the Ex. Vice chancellor of Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad was the first Chairman of the Department. Sociology addresses almost all facts of society. Keeping in view the importance of sociology and needs of the society the department keeps on reviewing its syllabi from time to time.

    2.       Objectives

    2.1.        Develop the understanding on the social problems of the society.

    2.2.        Educate on the general laws of the society.

    2.3.        Inculcate habit of research and innovation for reforming society.

    3.       Vocational Job opportunities / Marketability of   Graduates

    3.1.        Law

    3.2.        Education

    3.3.        Family planning

    3.4.        Social work

    3.5.        Social welfare programs

    3.6.        Labor welfare

    3.7.        Community development

    3.8.        Public Administration.







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